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FAQ About our Store

“What’s the difference between Boutique Cigars and other Premium Cigars?”

Boutique Cigars are premium handmade cigars which, in contrast to regular premium cigars, are made in small batches. There is greater detail on quality, and the tobacco leaves are special and hand selected to create a distinguished complex flavor. A Boutique cigar company makes less than one million cigars annually. While difficult to find in many cigar retailers and cigar stores and smoke shops, Boutique brands are something different from the ordinary mass produced cigars commonly available in most cigar shops. Their flavor and aroma is unmatched.

“Why do you only sell Boutique Cigars?”

Due to the cigar boom, the price of raw tobacco leaves had escalated to levels that would have required Boutique Cigar makers to price their cigars out of the market. This problem made it very difficult for these high quality makers to get the best, most delicious tobacco leaves. Due to the high demand for cigars, many boutique makers followed the pack into mass production. As the cigar boom ended, the tobacco farmers focused more on quality and the Boutique Cigar makers were again able to obtain the choice leaves for their cigars at prices that are reasonable. They went back to their roots of only making these cigars in small batches. There is NO COMPARISON in quality and taste between the boutique cigars and those made by mass production cigar makers. As cigar lovers we decided to share this wonderful and unique smoking experience with everyone else. Now everyone can get these incredible cigars at incredibly low prices.

“Why should I buy from Cigar Boulevard Cigars?”

We know Boutique Cigars and only sell those that meet our high standards. These hard to find cigars are our only business. You get them at the lowest discount sale prices in the Weekly Specials section. You can conveniently buy cigars online through our Cigar Website, mail order through our cigar catalog or by telephone toll free. The shipment will be out to your within 24 hours. We pride ourselves in serving the sophisticated cigar lover and will bend over backwards to exceed your expectations.

“What guarantee is there that I will be happy with the Boutique Cigars that I purchase from Cigar Boulevard”

All cigars purchased from us are unconditionally guaranteed and backed by a full refund of the purchase price, minus the low shipping charges. After receiving your cigars, you have a full week to try your first one. If, for any reason whatsoever, you are not fully satisfied with them or with our service, just contact us and we will issue a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. This entitles you to return to us for a full refund. The transaction is not finished until you are fully satisfied.

“Can I return the cigars to Cigar Boulevard if I don’t like their taste or aroma?”

You can return them to us under our exclusive Cigar Company FULL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE for any reason at all…no questions asked.

“Is my credit card transaction safe?”

For your safety we use the state-of-the-art industry standard SSL technology to keep anyone from reading any information which you transfer to us through the internet.

“Is the information that I provide Cigar Boulevard Safe?”

All the information that you provide us is kept confidential. See our Privacy Policy for further information.

“Since Boutique Cigars are in large demand and the supply is limited, how do I know that the Boutique Cigars I buy are in stock?”

We only offer in our WebSite and in our catalog what we have in stock. Unless we can buy a reasonable amount of cigars from makers, we do not offer them. Understanding that these cigars are made in small batches and only the best tobacco leaves are used, we normally buy the full production from the maker. We also feature cigars from our exclusive partner, Tabacalera Esteli. As their exclusive worldwide distributor, we will always try have their great cigars in stock.

“How do you ship the cigars to me?

We ship all orders received before 1:00 P.M. that same day. All shipments are sent STANDARD SERVICE by UPS Ground Service or United State Postal Service Priority Mail. This normally takes 2 to 5 days to reach you. For an additional fee, you can have the cigars shipped 2nd day air or even next day delivery. See our WORLDWIDE SHIPPING POLICY for further information.

“Do you ship international?”

Yes. We will ship almost anywhere in the world. The Charges are $26 above out STANDARD U.S. SHIPPING CHARGE. See our SHIPPING POLICY for further information.

“How much are the shipping charges for my purchase?”

STANDARD SERVICE charges are only $5.95 for the first item and $2.00 for each additional item in the same shipment, up to 5 items. Thereafter it is only $1 per additional item. Any order over $200 is shipped free. For quicker delivery you can upgrade for an additional fee. See our SHIPPING POLICY for additional information.

“How do I track my shipped cigars so that I know when they will arrive?”

After your order is placed, we will email you an order confirmation. Once we ship them, we will send you an email with the tracking number on it if your order was shipped through UPS. You can go to the UPS web site or through the web site, click on ORDER STATUS, and track every step of your shipment

“How can I find out the status of my order?”

You can click on ORDER STATUS on this Web Site and it will show you the full status of your account. You will need your Order or Customer number and either the Sold To Zipcode, Phone Number, or Email Address.

“Where can I get more information about how Boutique Cigars are made?”

You can click on HOW CIGARS ARE MADE and see exactly the skilled artistry that goes into every boutique cigar. You can also see the pictures of the tobacco fields from which your cigars are made.

“Will the small batch production of Boutique Cigars that I buy from Cigar Boulevard affect the availability of the cigars that I enjoy in the future?”

Since these cigars are made in small batches and very exclusive tobacco leaves are used, once a brand is depleted from our inventory, we may not be able to offer it again. This is especially common in SPECIAL HARVEST cigars as they are exclusively made from the select tobacco harvest of the year which appears on the label. Our recommendation is if you like them, get them while you can.

“Do you have a catalog and mailing list?”

Yes. We have both and when you make any purchase from our catalog or Web Site, your name is automatically included in the list for a catalog and other special promotions. You can choose to opt-out from receiving any further communications from us by just letting us know.

“Do you often offer special deals?”

Yes. We generally offer special deals when our inventory of certain cigars is being depleted and we no longer carry the cigars in our regular line of boutique cigars. Additionally, we also offer special promotions in order to expand boutique cigar smokers’ tastes. We also offer an extensive selection of Cigar Boulevard Original Humidors, Cigar Cutters, Cigar Cases, Lighters, and other Cigar Accessories all made to compliment our fine cigars.

“Why should I answer Cigar Boulevard Cigars’ survey?” or Register on your website?

Because it not only helps in evaluating cigar brands to determine if we should offer them in our regular line, but it also enters you in our monthly cigar giveaway. Every month we give a free box of a different cigar to all those that enter our Cigar Boulevard Free Cigars contest.

What is the Cigar Boulevard Club and why should I join?”

This is our select club for Boutique Cigar lovers. There is no cost to join and all you have to do is order a box of your favorite boutique cigars. Every month thereafter we will automatically send you a box of those cigars at a 20% discount. Additionally, everything you buy from our Web Site or Catalog is rewarded with a 20% discount while you are a member. In addition to great savings, you will be offered special promotions not offered to anyone else and you get first pick at limited edition boutique cigars.

“How can I make some extra money through Cigar Boulevard affiliate program?”

If you have a WebSite, you can apply to be an affiliate of Cigar Boulevard. You are provided with full instructions on placing a link on your Web Site and you can earn up to a 15% commission from sales generated from anyone who clicks that link on your site.

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