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Wine Pump With 2 Wine Saver Re-usable Bottle Stoppers

Cuban Crafters

Wine Pump With 2 Wine Saver Re-usable Bottle Stoppers


Wine Pump is a Wine Saver Vacuum Pump that brings 2 re-usable stoppers. The wine saver stoppers can be used on both screw top bottles and conventional wine bottles, and will seal your bottle so that it does not continue to oxidize. The wine pump preserves wine by pulling the air out of the bottle through the stopper seal. The pumping action removes the air, creating a vacuum that eliminates the risk of oxidation. This wine saver pump and stoppers help keep the wine fresher for a longer period of time. The pump includes 2 stopper seals and it is all packaged in a box that is 7 inches height x 2 depth x 3.25 width. The pump and stoppers are easy to clean, maintain and use.

After the manufacturer sent us the shipment of wine pumps they discovered that an important quality control step was missed during the production process. In other words, they goofed and some of the pumps do not meet their high quality standards. Instead of inspecting them one by one, the factory gave us a discount on them, and we're passing it on to you. We only sell top quality products so this is a rarity and we feel compelled to let you know of this potential issue. We randomly tested a few and while most are in perfect condition, even those that do not meet the quality standards will work for about 10 to 15 bottles before the pump gives out. And for those that receive a pump that is defective, the stopper seals still work without the pump. Simply place the stopper into the bottle and with you mouth suck the air out. It's kind of archaic but heck, it works. At this price you should buy a few just in case one fails to perform as intended. Buy 2 or more and you get an additional 10% discount!

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